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Wesley Ferreira

Wesley is a seasoned Digital Smile Designer with an extensive background spanning years in analog dentistry and over a decade of specialised experience in digital dentistry.

Wesley's curriculum boasts immersive learning experiences with internationally renowned figures such as Paulo Batistela, Ivan Ronald, Paulo Kano, and training under Dr Apa's leading ceramist, at Murilo Calgaro's Dental Design Institute. 

With a passion for precision and a commitment to creating smiles that inspire confidence, Wesley remains at the forefront of digital dentistry, seamlessly blending artistry with technological innovation to deliver transformative results for his clients.

Behind every great experience lies a skilled and dedicated team.

This is our story.


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Shades and Shapes is a dynamic powerhouse revolutionising smiles through the unparalleled precision of technology, enhancing each piece with the artistic touch of skilled human hands. Our approach is guided by years of expertise and a seamless fusion of practical proficiency and scientific insight, ensuring a perfect blend of artistry and science in every smile transformation.

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New Zealand owned and operated.

Locally crafted in Ōtepoti Dunedin.

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